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Re: i am new at emacs and emacspeak

          Hi Bill,

>>>>> "BG" == Bill Gaughan writes:

BG> Q. What key binding invokes the w3 browser from emacspeak?

M-x w3-fetch <RET> http://www.some.where.com <RET>

BG> Q. How do I invoke the w3 browser from emacs without emacspeak (I have a
BG> braille display).


BG> Q. Where is the best source of information and documentation to learn
BG> emacs and emacspeak for someone who is computer savvy?

The first thing to do -- be sure You have gotten all that Control-h
stuff which supplies help in Emacs.
Type C-h C-h and then go to the *help* buffer for this.

Next You can read:

- Emacs tutorial, Control h t

- Info pages, control h i
including info for Emacspeak and very detailled info for Emacs.

- Emacspeak FAQ and documentation is also on the keys C-e F and C-e D.

Regards. -- Dmitry

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