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Re: emacspeak calculator?

   Q. How do I invoke the emacs calculator. 

M-# M-#

i.e., the meta key (may be called `alt' on recent keyboards) and the
sharp-sign key (which on a QWERTY keyboard is usually shift-3)

    I assume it comes with emacs. 

GNU Calc does come with Emacs, but not in the same package.  This is
because in the old days, the calc tar file was considered large.  It
was separated out to keep the overall Emacs tar file small.

The current compressed tar file, calc-2.02f.tar.gz  is 831,865 bytes

You can get it from:


To look at the directory, evaluate this expression:

        (dired "/ftp@ftp.gnu.org:/pub/gnu/calc" nil)

Or use one of the mirror sites:

        (dired "/ftp@aeneas.mit.edu:/pub/gnu/calc" nil)
        (dired "/ftp@ftp.cs.columbia.edu:/archives/gnu/prep/calc" nil)
        (dired "/ftp@ftp.digex.net:/pub/gnu//calc" nil)

After you have downloaded the calc-2.02f.tar.gz file, untar it and then
take a look at the INSTALL and README files.  Essentially, to build
and install Calc run 

    make install

Do read the manual, or at least those parts that are relevant to you.
The manual is big and complete (actually, the Calc manual is two
manuals, a tutorial and a reference manual, but I look at them as one.
I think the Info file combines the two also.)

Calc is wonderful!

    Robert J. Chassell                  bob@rattlesnake.com
    Rattlesnake Enterprises             http://www.rattlesnake.com

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