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first impressions

[sorry for the long winded mail]
first of all: is there i way i can use minicom or the emacs equiv to it (whatever that is) on /dev/ttyS0 with little hassle?
second (main):
i'm checking out emacspeak really now (something to do). it's late at night so my head may not be clear.
well, i enter dired,
works fine. when i hit d, on emacs-20.7 source dir,
it does not confirm. i don't like this. (at least being new i don't know hats happening).
moves me to the next file, it should at least say its name. that would be confirm enough.
oh... it does.. neer mind that..
wel... i got rid of emacs-source i don't know how.. now i'm on .ncftp, i'll blow that away. i hit a d, it says .recycle (edbrowse's recycle bin).
so i hit ?. it says the keys. i hit x.
it says: delete .ncftp YES or NO
i type: YES 
one of one deletion failed type ? for detales 
so i type a ?.
it gives me the key list.
i go to m y terminal do the same thing and another window apears? that a bug in emacspeak since its not reading that ohter window?
soi go to other window c-x o.
it says directory not empty, do i need to remove its contents first? i just want it done for. 

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