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lilo and Dectalk pc

A couple of questions from a Mandrake 8.0 and emacspeak newvee...

1. How to get emacspeak to talk?  I have a dectalk pc version 4.1 internal 
board which performs nicely under Windows 98 2nd edition, but which does 
not appear to be visible to linux-mandrake.  When emacspeak starts, I do 
hear the organ and the announcement that emacspeak is running.  This is 
from the sound card (sb live 512).  My son-in-law and I do not find any 
troubleshooting or "how to", or even readme that helps.  I have heard T. V. 
Raman say that one is to make sure the sound card works first, then install 
emacspeak.  We followed the instructions and do not know what to check next.

2.  As you may summize, I'm trying a dual boot set up first.  Lilo does 
very nicely.  However, I cannot tell when I'm prompted to make the 
selection of which os to start!  How can I get lilo to beep or otherwise 
indicate that it is my turn?  Is there some installation/configuration 
switch setting, or something that will signal the human that it is time to 
select an os?

Thanks for the help.  As I told my son-in-law, I feel like an 8-day camel 
what's been in the desert 7 days and can smell water!!

Dave Helkenn

e-mail: helkenn@titan.com or helkenn@pacbell.net or sansomr@att.net

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