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Re: Another documentation question

well said -- 
the documentation that is needed  is a task-oriented
that takes standard user tasks and explains how to work them
efficiently using emacspeak.

>>>>> "Janina" == Janina Sajka <janina@afb.net> writes:

    Janina> Jennifer: At the risk of being controversial,
    Janina> may I suggest that we have had far too much
    Janina> documentation about installation of Emacspeak,
    Janina> and not nearly enough documentation about using
    Janina> it?  Certainly, you should say something. But
    Janina> the variety of distributions, plus synthesizers,
    Janina> plus generations of Intel hardware, plus, plus
    Janina> builds a morase. Some people fail at their
    Janina> attempts, of course, but most of us who really
    Janina> want Emacspeak do succeed at getting an
    Janina> installation working.

    Janina> I understand about Emacspeak being really just
    Janina> Emacs. But, still, there are sufficient
    Janina> differences in how a blind person uses Emacs and
    Janina> Emacspeak as to warrant, imho, a document that
    Janina> strips out all that stuff about centering the
    Janina> text on the page and just deals with computing
    Janina> Emacspeak style.

    Janina>  On Wed, 22 Aug 2001, Jennifer E Jobst wrote:

    >> Hello again,
    >> I'm about to start working on the installation
    >> section of the Emacspeak HOWTO, and I was hoping that
    >> you all could answer a few questions to help decide
    >> the focus of this section:
    >> * What distribution of Linux do you use?  * How did
    >> you install Linux?  For example, did you order your
    >> computer with Linux pre-installed, did you have
    >> sighted assistance, did you use one of the
    >> Speakup-patched distros, did you use the DOS-to-Linux
    >> box method, etc ????  * How was your installation
    >> experience?  * If you could change one (or two or
    >> three) things about the installation experience, what
    >> would you change?  * How did you install Emacspeak?
    >> Thanks again for your input.  I look forward to
    >> hearing from you!
    >> Sincerely yours,
    >> Jen
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    Janina> --

    Janina> 				Janina Sajka,
    Janina> Director Technology Research and Development
    Janina> Governmental Relations Group American Foundation
    Janina> for the Blind (AFB)

    Janina> Email: janina@afb.net Phone: (202) 408-8175

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    Janina> http://www.afb.org/ebook.asp

    Janina> Download a free sample Digital Talking Book
    Janina> edition of Martin Luther King Jr's inspiring "I
    Janina> Have A Dream" speech at
    Janina> http://www.afb.org/mlkweb.asp

    Janina> Learn how to make accessible software at
    Janina> http://www.afb.org/accessapp.asp

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