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Re: Emacspeack & festival lite (flite)

M. Eng writes:
 > 2) I have download the beta file of festival lite
 >  http://cmuflite.org/a_rm/flite.arm.bz2
 > Once uncompress with bunzip2, I get a file flite.arm
 > What are the next steps of the install ???
Find out whether it is an executable file:
file flite.arm
and if it is, try running it.

I visited the Festival Lite home page but the software does not appear
to be available yet. Apparently it is intended for release as free
software. When a source archive becomes available I would be
interested in trying it.

Also, if you want to run Festival Lite with Emacspeak, it will be
necessary to develop an appropriate Emacspeak speech server, unless
someone has done so already. However, no such project has been
mentioned on the Emacspeak mailing list.

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