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Re: Error with Outloud (Amended)

In general --this is not specific to emacspeak--
dont muck with installations unless you know what you're
or alternatively --are prepared to spend (waste?) some time
poking around and learning by mistakes.

Making things "easy" or "work out of the box"
often has the effect of throwing in the kitchen sink --as
well as the trash-can that sits next to it into the bundle.
>>>>> "Janina" == Janina Sajka <janina@afb.net> writes:

    Janina> Got it and all is well.  My only hitch was my
    Janina> inability to select "everything" from the Redhat
    Janina> install. Amazingly, that now requires 3.5 Gb in
    Janina> /usr, and I have only 2.5 Gb. So, I had to do
    Janina> some choosing. But, I have gcc and G++ versions
    Janina> 2.96, and emacspeak and outloud installed in
    Janina> quick order.

    Janina> Thanks very much for the assist. I really did
    Janina> need to hear that the fix wasn't going to be
    Janina> easy to convince myself to do a reinstall.

    Janina> Also, I can now report that emacspeak on Redhat
    Janina> 7.2 works without a hitch if one doesn't muck up
    Janina> the install selections.

    Janina> --
    Janina> 				Janina Sajka,
    Janina> Director Technology Research and Development
    Janina> Governmental Relations Group American Foundation
    Janina> for the Blind (AFB)

    Janina> Email: janina@afb.net Phone: (202) 408-8175

    Janina> Chair, Accessibility SIG Open Electronic Book
    Janina> Forum (OEBF) http://www.openebook.org

    Janina> Will electronic books surpass print books? Read
    Janina> our white paper, Surpassing Gutenberg, at
    Janina> http://www.afb.org/ebook.asp

    Janina> Download a free sample Digital Talking Book
    Janina> edition of Martin Luther King Jr's inspiring "I
    Janina> Have A Dream" speech at
    Janina> http://www.afb.org/mlkweb.asp

    Janina> Learn how to make accessible software at
    Janina> http://www.afb.org/accessapp.asp

Best Regards,

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