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Re: Where can I find the new w3 in an RPM?

Sorry. I can convert .rpm to tgz. but I don't know how to do the reverse
or if it can be done. I did not see a .rpm for w3 either. does not mean
that there is not one somewhare. But don't you have the tar program in
redhat linux? just do:

tar -zxvf w3-.tar.gz from your /usr/src directory and the go into your w3
dir that the tar program makes and run make and make install. or does this
just work only on slackware. I am curious. How come so many blind people
are using redhat linux, anyway. Isn't slackware easier to work with
because everything is plain vanilla. Also you get a speakup kernel when
you install slackware right out of the box. Do you get a speakup kernel
when you run redhat? can a totally blind person install redhat linux
without having a second computer running in dos as a dumb terminal, say
running telix or procomm? interesting, indeed.

Bill Gaughan

On Mon, 3 Dec 2001, Doug Smith wrote:

> Hi, all. I have a question for you. I have searched the web for the
> past few days ever since I heard that it had come out, but I could not
> and still cannot find the newest w3 brouser in an RPM.
> For some reason it is impossible to install software on here that
> isn't packaged in an RPM. I have tried to install the new w3 from the
> tarball. It chatters, bibbles and babbles about what it is trying to
> do. When the installation process is finished, there is no error
> message at all.
> Should I try this again after removing the old w3 which was packaged
> as an RPM? I thought that installation script just wrote over the
> files. I can send you the entire transcript of the installation
> attempts with the regular w3 if you want. I would really appreciate
> finding this in an RPM if you know where I can find it.
> Thank you very much.

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