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for those of you who are having trouble with w3, may I suggest using a
kernel with speakup. speakup has cursor tracking, now. and why wouldn't
you want speakup in addition to emacspeak? With speakup you can use native
command-line linux and lynx and pine and trplayer and freeamp, all with
speech and with brltty you can have braille too if you have a display.
Wow. I almost never use emacs. I like emacs, but, it locks you into a
desktop. you can accomplish the same thing with six consoles in native
linux and have something different opened on each console. speakup and
brltty will work on all of them at once. and you can install linux by
yourself with a speakup boot disk, too. now, that's called Accessibility

Bill Gaughan

On Mon, 3 Dec 2001, Doug Smith wrote:

> Hi, all. I have a question for you. I have searched the web for the
> past few days ever since I heard that it had come out, but I could not
> and still cannot find the newest w3 brouser in an RPM.
> For some reason it is impossible to install software on here that
> isn't packaged in an RPM. I have tried to install the new w3 from the
> tarball. It chatters, bibbles and babbles about what it is trying to
> do. When the installation process is finished, there is no error
> message at all.
> Should I try this again after removing the old w3 which was packaged
> as an RPM? I thought that installation script just wrote over the
> files. I can send you the entire transcript of the installation
> attempts with the regular w3 if you want. I would really appreciate
> finding this in an RPM if you know where I can find it.
> Thank you very much.

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