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Re: Where can I find the new w3 in an RPM?

Hi, bill. That speakup kernel really sounds fascinating to me. I know
that that would make it like it was back in the good old days at
school when we can all remember plugging away at that old-style
mainframe or mini late into the night as people came and went in and
out of the computer lab. We had to have sighted readers than, but now
Linux makes it much easier to have that warm fuzzy feeling again with
all its many speech options. Thanks for your advice. 

No, you are right. you don't get a speakup kernel right out of the box
with Red Hat. I guess the reason so many blind people use it is, that,
we seldome have the problems with those RPM packages as one has with
other forms. We have the programs for installing other programs from
other than RPM formats, but, I believe that the directory structure is
just different enough to prevent much other software from properly
installing. I had a strange problem, as you know with the upgrade to
w3 4.0pre.47. I opened it up in my home directory, entered the
directory it created, entered make followed by make install. It didn't
work. You could go back time and again and type make install and it
would act as though the program had not been installed That was
because it hadn't. Well, I can fix all that. and I really want to
thank you for all your advice. 

Thank you. 

Remember that Unix rules the computing world. 


Doug Smith: The Righteousness of GOD,
Son of GOD,
Joint Heir with CHRIST 
and Keeper Of The Light.

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