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OT: Advocacy Opening At AFB Governmental Relations

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     Governmental Relations Representative  
     Grade 12 - Salary Range  Min.  51,265        Mid.  64,081        Max.  76,898
     Governmental Relations Group
     With minimal supervision and requiring a high level of independent judgment:  Serves as a
     national expert and monitors and tracks developments on selected legislative, regulatory and
     other policy-related issues of concern to blind or visually impaired persons and the
     professionals who serve them.  Drafts, or participates in drafting, proposed legislation,
     together with supporting materials such as "dear colleague letters," floor statements, and
     briefing papers.  Plans and conducts strategic advocacy activities in support of the legislation. 
     Prepares testimony or comments on proposed legislation or regulations for presentation to
     Congress or administrative agencies, and arranges for appearance of self, other AFB staff, or
     leaders in the blindness community to  present testimony, either orally or in writing, to such
     entities.   Develops working relationships with Congressional and agency staff responsible for
     programs of interest to AFB.  Communicates with and promotes action by AFB's constituents
     through presentations, direct contacts, and drafting newsletters, articles, and alerts.  Trains
     members of the blindness community concerning the legislative and regulatory processes as
     well as in self-advocacy skills.   Represents AFB and, as appropriate, takes a leadership role in
     political coalitions both within and outside the blindness community.  Provides advice to the
     Vice President for Governmental Relations concerning strategic approaches to achieving the
     goals set forth in AFB's Legislative Agenda and Annual Plan.  Performs other duties and
     special projects, as assigned.  

     QUALIFICATIONS: A graduate degree in political science, public administration, law or
     equivalent experience.  Two years of governmental relations or public policy experience with
     demonstrated knowledge in the areas of education, health, welfare, disability rights, human
     services, or related fields.  Superior oral and written communications skills, the ability to work
     under deadline pressures, preserve confidentiality when required, and the ability to manage
     competing priorities.  The ability to work independently and to exercise discretion or
     judgement as appropriate with minimal supervision.  Advanced knowledge of the legislative
     and regulatory process and advanced knowledge of legislative research tools, such as the
     Congressional Record, Federal Register, House and Senate Calendars, committee reports,
     Code of Federal Regulations, etc.  The ability to work cooperatively with other AFB staff on
     agency-wide initiatives and the ability to work effectively with advocates in the blindness
     community and the general public. Knowledge of, or the ability to learn about, the blindness
     community and the special needs of persons who are blind or visually impaired.  Knowledge
     of, and preferably prior experience in, the nonprofit advocacy community, either in
     Washington or at the state level.  
     If you're interested in this position, please contact the Personnel 
Department at AFB.

Lesa Boothe, Personnel Associate
American Foundation for the Blind
11 Penn Plaza, Suite 300
New York, NY 10001
phone: (212) 502-7711
fax:    (212) 502-7673
email:  personnl@afb.net
				Janina Sajka, Director
				Technology Research and Development
				Governmental Relations Group
				American Foundation for the Blind (AFB)

Email: janina@afb.net		Phone: (202) 408-8175

Chair, Accessibility SIG
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