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Doubletalk server in emacspeak-ss0.7

I cannot get this server to work.  It is in 
'/usr/share/emacs/site-lisp/emacspeak/', as directed.  In my 
'/etc/profile', I have the line:

export DTK_PROGRAM=doubletalk.  When I start emacspeak, the server cannot 
run, and I get the "process speaker not running" message.  

This is the case for versions of emacspeak version 12 and later.  In all 
cases, I use the emacspeak,  Redhat package.  Whether I use the Redhat 
package or the tarbal for the servers, I get the error.  The braillenspeak 
server works as advertised.

Any ideas?


Current emacs version:  21.1;
emacspeak version:  15;
speech servers:  0.7;
Linux distrib:  Redhat 7.2.

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