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Re: [RFB Watching You (ineptly)] Re: Does anyone think this will be fixed?


I don't recall making any condescending statements about Microsoft, in
fact, I use Windows 99.99% of the time these days.  Why,  mostly for the
reasons you state -- I work in a university-based research environment, and
while unix and its flavors are in abundant use,  most of the day-to-day
business revolves around things like PowerPoint, MS Word, and for my
purposes, Kurzweil 1000.  I absolutely need to exchange documents in Word
format with my colleagues, and I am constantly needing to scan  books,
journals and papers, and often on very short notice.  I usually carry a
lightweight USB flatbed scanner along with my laptop in order to be able to
keep up with my colleagues when an ad hoc meeting is called, or when
somebody from outside the group hands us a paper and requests comments.  In
all these situations, Windows gives me the tools to keep up with my
colleagues without having to depend on sighted assistance.

As far as things like e-mail and browsing are concerned, well, I find
Eudora and IE to be quite adequate, and nowhere near as cumbersom as the
majority of the people on this list would make them out to be.

Mostly, I use Emacspeak for programming work as it truly is far superior in
this application, but I haven't done any actual code development in almost
2 years now, so it remains mostly unused.

I too have been in the corporate world, so know the pressures there, and
that's why I made the learning time investment on the windows platform --
just so happens that it also works quite adequately for my personal needs
too -- I don't spend all, or even a majority of my time on the computer...
there is a whole lot more to life than freakin' computers.

Not being a cry baby, just pointing out that the service to, and relative
importance of blind people in the eyes of the RFB&D has declined in recent
years -- doesn't effect me, with a littlework, one can always find an
alternative.  So, maybe that's what people are complaining about; the fact
that they may have to do more work, or otherwise put more effort into
getting an alternative.  I don't know; I don't care.


-- Jim

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