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Re: [RFB Watching You (ineptly)] Re: Does anyone think this willbe fixed?

Jim and listers,

Jim. I sincerely apologize if I read too much into yours and other listers
comments about this RFB&D thing with the W3 browser and RFB in general.
That just got me going. And you are right. You didn't say anything
negative about MS Windows. But, I did. Jim, you are "right on" to be able
to use all these tools for the purpose that meets your needs. We all need
two computers or at least a dual-boot system, anyway. Unless we use linux
from a terminal on a university computer. I will remember that this is a
public list and keep my comments at a lower volume  and not read too
much in to others' valuable comments.

Go Windows. Go, go, go, linux. and three cheers for DOS, too.

-- Bill Gaughan

On Thu, 6 Dec 2001, James Rebman wrote:

> Hmmm...
> I don't recall making any condescending statements about Microsoft, in
> fact, I use Windows 99.99% of the time these days.  Why,  mostly for the
> reasons you state -- I work in a university-based research environment, and
> while unix and its flavors are in abundant use,  most of the day-to-day
> business revolves around things like PowerPoint, MS Word, and for my
> purposes, Kurzweil 1000.  I absolutely need to exchange documents in Word
> format with my colleagues, and I am constantly needing to scan  books,
> journals and papers, and often on very short notice.  I usually carry a
> lightweight USB flatbed scanner along with my laptop in order to be able to
> keep up with my colleagues when an ad hoc meeting is called, or when
> somebody from outside the group hands us a paper and requests comments.  In
> all these situations, Windows gives me the tools to keep up with my
> colleagues without having to depend on sighted assistance.
> As far as things like e-mail and browsing are concerned, well, I find
> Eudora and IE to be quite adequate, and nowhere near as cumbersom as the
> majority of the people on this list would make them out to be.
> Mostly, I use Emacspeak for programming work as it truly is far superior in
> this application, but I haven't done any actual code development in almost
> 2 years now, so it remains mostly unused.
> I too have been in the corporate world, so know the pressures there, and
> that's why I made the learning time investment on the windows platform --
> just so happens that it also works quite adequately for my personal needs
> too -- I don't spend all, or even a majority of my time on the computer...
> there is a whole lot more to life than freakin' computers.
> Not being a cry baby, just pointing out that the service to, and relative
> importance of blind people in the eyes of the RFB&D has declined in recent
> years -- doesn't effect me, with a littlework, one can always find an
> alternative.  So, maybe that's what people are complaining about; the fact
> that they may have to do more work, or otherwise put more effort into
> getting an alternative.  I don't know; I don't care.
> -- Jim
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