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Re: New Java-based software speech synthesizer available

"the free-loaders of the world insist on not paying for anything --and 
that by the way *was not* what the Free Software movement is about--

I find this grossly offensive, unthoughtful, and I'm sorry to say 
typical of some careless, and self-centred attitudes.

People with mild to severe learning difficulties do not generally have 
any earned income, and in many countries are very poorly served by the 

They are not in a position to author software, and are unlikely to, 
(though see lego robotics,VB etc, for drag and drop programming tools)

Paying for software in the UK is more or less an impossibility, the 
situation is naturally worse in many less well off countries around the 

Good luck to all those working to create free source, cash free and open.



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