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Re: PDF feature form.

A similar program does already exist. See

>>>>> "JW" == Jason White <jasonw@ariel.ucs.unimelb.edu.au> writes:

JW> I visited Adobe's web site this morning, where I found the PDF
JW> Reference, 3rd ed.,, which describes version 1.4 of the PDF format. Of
JW> particular interest to anyone who wants to develop software for making
JW> PDF files accessible under Linux are the following sections of the
JW> specification:

JW> 9.5 Marked content
JW> 9.6 Logical structure
JW> 9.7 Tagged PDF
JW> 9.8 Accessibility support

JW> Of course it would also be necessary to read earlier chapters of the
JW> book describing PDF file structure, which, however, programs such as
JW> XPDF/pdftotext are already designed to process.

JW> Thus I think this would be a viable project for an experienced
JW> programmer who has some spare time to contribute.

JW> One could either convert the PDF document into XML and then perform an
JW> additional conversion using XSLT under Emacspeak to create an HTML
JW> document for browsing with Emacs/W3, or convert to HTML directly by
JW> mapping the standard structure elements to HTML.


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