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food for thought. reading certain things backwards.

hi folks.

wondering if anyone else has said to their self, while listening to a
file path, current working directory or whatever, that it would be
nice for this to be split by words and read right to left?

this assumes that the most interesting data in the line is at the
right and speech would be silenced before hearing lots of redundant

i doubt something like this could be generalized and i'm unaware that
such a feature exists right now.  please let me know if i've
overlooked something. 

the best example i can give of how this might be desireable, is when
browsing a listing of sorted file paths.  in this case, the data to
the left most of the line changes to least often and might well be
ignored in some cases.

i know of the column filter feature which can be used to suppress
speaking of arbitrary spans given that the span is known and input
ahead of time.  what i am suggesting here i believe doesn't fit that

if others might be interested in this feature, i'll code something and
post it for your scrutiny.

Jerry Sievers   305 854-3001 (home)     Unix Administrator/Consultant
                305 321-1144 (mobile)   http://www.JerrySievers.com/~gsievers/

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