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Re: Incomplete Sentences


  I have trouble with this VIA chip, with viavoice or festival, before
 to install the alsa sound drivers. The package is probably available
 with the default set of package of most recent linux distributions.

  I set up the last 0.9 beta drivers but 0.5 version should probably
 work too.

 Gregory Mounie

>>>>> "nath31" == nath31  <nath31@ifrance.com> writes:
nath31> Hi all, Here the problem is the same with my laptop. I
nath31> tried to run ViaVoice examples like the "hello world". the
nath31> TTS says "hello" and then stops. My laptop is a compaq
nath31> armada 100S with a soundcard chip VIA82c686. As someone
nath31> here meet the same problem with a such chip and if yes
nath31> what have you done to solve it ?  Thanks in advance.

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nath31> 2002 3:36 AM Subject: Re: Incomplete Sentences

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