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dismal question resolved

You may find the xslt transformations a useful way of
getting more mileage out of W3.
One side-effect of running the xslt transformations is that
the pages that come out are cleaner, and render much quicker
with W3 as a consequence.
As a test, activate style sort-tables.xsl 
and run W3 on some of the layout intensive sites like CNN or
>>>>> "Yvonne" == Yvonne Smith <yvonne@thewatch.net> writes:

    Yvonne> You'll find that almost all emacs commands that
    Yvonne> need input are like this. Type the command, hit
    Yvonne> enter, and have it ask you for input.

    Yvonne> as for lynx vs w3, well to be honest, I use w3,
    Yvonne> but that's mostly because trying to use lynx in
    Yvonne> a terminal buffer in emacspeak is very, very
    Yvonne> annoying.

    Yvonne> w3's probably about the most user friendly
    Yvonne> browser I've ever used, except for the very
    Yvonne> simple fact that it's a total dog,
    Yvonne> speedwise. I'm trying to learn enough elisp so I
    Yvonne> can try and get w3m.el to be even half user
    Yvonne> friendly enough to use, for those pages that
    Yvonne> literally take 5 minutes or more just to draw.

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