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Re: problem installing viavoice

Saqib Shaikh writes:
 > Just wondering - you say you have Emacs21 and Emacspeak on Debian.  I have
 > the problem that when I do apt-get install emacs21 emacspeak vm gnus
 > I end up with all of Emacs19, 20 and 21 with different packages using a
 > different version. Anyone got any ideas why?

If you mean, there are separate versions of, say, w3 for emacs 19, 20
and 21 in Debian, that's just the way Debians emacs packages work. It
creates a separate version of each elisp package for each version of
Emacs you've got installed. I'm presuming this is because in some cases
things need to be done differently, depending on the emacs version, or
perhaps it just makes it easier to run multiple emacs versions in

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