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buffer has no process problem

If this only happenes to you in term buffers, I think you'll find it's
not as catastrophic as that. Just hit control c before you hit control x
k. That should let you kill it. It sounds like you're in a term buffer
which is in character mode rather than line mode. In this mode, you'll
need to type control c in front of most of your emacs commands.

A couple of hints with term buffers. Unless you're running something
like pine or lynx that needs it, use shell mode instead. Plus, I'm
pretty sure you don't actually need to exit out of shells. Just killing
the buffer seems to kill the bash process running in it. But if you do
want to exit first, type control c control j to put it in
line mode first, then type exit, and you'll be able to kill the buffer
as normal.

Let me know if this helps.

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