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Re: emacspeak w3 [no match]

I meant that command w3 must be defined before you will be able to
execute it. If you want a quick solution then you can do simply

M-x load-library <ret> w3 <ret>

Or you can autoload the command putting somewhere in your
initialization files the form

(autoload 'w3 "w3" "WWW Browser" t)

The auto-autoloads.elc file does exactly that -- it autoloads this
command among many others. So instead of immediate autoloading you can
just use the form

(load "/path/to/that/file/auto-autoloads")

Of course, in either case the directory with compiled w3 files must be
in your load-path variable. You can read about it in

C-h v load-path <ret>

>>>>> "JC" == Jonathan Chetwynd <j.chetwynd@btinternet.com> writes:

JC> Could you please expand on your suggestions?
JC> I've had this working in the past, just can't quite seem to figure what I
JC> did last time around.

JC> i'm not a regular user of emacs. ( RH7.2)
JC> and not at all sure that .emacs is being used (seem to remember problems
JC> with this file in the past)

JC> thanks

JC> jonathan chetwynd

JC> http://www.peepo.com         "The first and still the best picture directory
JC> on the web"
JC> http://www.learningdifficulty.org.uk "Our guide to helping people with a
JC> learning difficulty get the most from the web"


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