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outloud and w3

Looks like a bug >>>>> "Bart" == Bart Bunting <bart@urnet.com.au> writes:

    Bart> Hi, Before I begin, I realise that there are
    Bart> problems with w3 and emacs21.

    Bart> This, however seems to be different to anything
    Bart> I've heard about.

    Bart> When I try and use w3 with emacs 21.1.1, the
    Bart> debian package of w3, which is taken from cvs,
    Bart> emacs15 and outloud, I get the following error on
    Bart> nearly every web page I try and render.

    Bart> Downloading of `file:/usr/share/doc/vm/vm_1.html'
    Bart> complete.  Drawing... \ outloud-speech-style-gain
    Bart> accessing a non-outloud-speech-style
    Bart> Drawing... done Emacspeak pronunciations have been
    Bart> re-activated in this buffer condition-case:
    Bart> outloud-speech-style-gain accessing a
    Bart> non-outloud-speech-style

    Bart> The same page loads fine using the dectalk.  I've
    Bart> had a poke around in the sources but can't seem to
    Bart> find what is going on.  All the relevant stuff
    Bart> seems to be defined for outloud.

    Bart> Please forgive me if there is something
    Bart> refferencing this on the net, as I'm currently in
    Bart> Canada and my only available synth at the moment
    Bart> is outloud, making web browsing impossible :) or
    Bart> at least very difficult.

    Bart> Any help or suggestions on where to look or how to
    Bart> get more information on what is going wrong is
    Bart> greatly apreciated.

    Bart> TIA

    Bart> Bart

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Best Regards,

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To unsubscribe from the emacspeak list or change your address on the
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