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A Couple of Things


In earlier messages, I reported occasions when an outboard synthesizer
(doubletalk lt or braillenspeak) would go silent and have to be
power-cycled to get it talking again.  It happens that even Outloud
goes quiet sometimes.  On one such occasion, "c-e c-s" restarted the
synth.  Any thoughts?

I got an "rpm" package containing w3 4.0-pre.44.  When I try looking
at secured web sites, this W3 cannot find a program called
"s_client".  I have openssl installed; it works with lynx, edbrowse,
and other installations of W3 I've tried.  If I query my RPM database
for openssl, I get:  openssl-0.9.6b-8.  If I do "locate" for
"s_client", I get:

If I query the database on <http://www.rpmfind.net>, I find many
resources for "ssleay"; What do I need?



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