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Linux Red hat7.1, Emacspeak and w3 how?

Dear friends,
We try to get Emacspeak installed on Linux Red Hat v7.1
We managed Emacspeak but could not use w3.
If we try from Emacspeak M-x w3-fetch we get"No match" message
For this Os, w3 we could use w3 built in with Xemac  if needed
but not with gnu Emac
We don't want to use xemac but use gnuemac along with Emacspeak
as default, what exactly should we do with .emacs file? if the problem is
around it?

we even download and reinstall w3 at emcs/site-lisp dir
as we couldn't find w3 with add-on applications list from menu
of gnu Emac.
All versions of w3 and Emacspeak are latest

Please help us
Thank you,
Shaji Mathew

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