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Jude DaShiell <dashiell@starpower.net> writes:

> When I installed w3m, I added the lines in the w3m installation instructions
> with those autoloads on them to the bottom of .emacs and restarted
> everything.  Then I tried m-xw3m <cr>.  I get the error beep but nothing
> else.  I can run w3m from the shell but would like to be able to run it from
> within emacspeak.  Any idea how to fix this situation?

Can you install Emacs-w3m Package?
the following lines on your .emacs.

;;; Emacs/W3m
(autoload 'w3m "w3m" "*Interface for w3m on Emacs." t)
(autoload 'w3m-find-file "w3m" "*w3m interface function for local file." t)
(autoload 'w3m-browse-url "w3m" "Ask a WWW browser to show a URL." t)
(autoload 'w3m-search "w3m-search" "*Search QUERY using SEARCH-ENGINE." t)
(autoload 'w3m-weather "w3m-weather" "*Display weather report." t)
(autoload 'w3m-antenna "w3m-antenna" "*Report chenge of WEB sites." t)
(setq w3m-use-form t)
Thank you so much.

-- Best regards 

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