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Re: need email program for emacspeak

This isn't really an Emacspeak question, but I will answer it anyway,
running the risk of offending those readers who consider it off-topic:

The best solution is to use Fetchmail to retrieve your mail, then the
Emacs vm mail reader to read and reply to it. Vm works very well
indeed with Emacspeak, supports MIME and other relevant standards and
is very convenient to use, in my opinion.

Fetchmail should have come with your Linux distribution. The manual
page describes the format of its configuration file. Fetchmail
operates in the background and periodically retrieves mail from the
servers specified in the configuration file. This mail can then be
delivered to your primary in-box, or filtered with Procmail into
multiple incoming folders according to rules that you supply. The
Procmail set-up is most convenient and I use it to filter my mail
aggressively. Spam prevention software is also available and works
quite well, but discussion of this would take us too far afield at

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