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Re: need email program for emacspeak

Hi. What I do about mail is this. I am running a program called
fetchmail. You set up a configuration file for it which tells it where
to go out to get you mail. It will work with different accounts/mail
servers. In the home directory, you have a file called .fetchmailrc
which contains all the necessary addresses and protocols. I haven't
looked at mine in detail, but, if you give me a while, I can help you
set yours up. If you don't have this fetchmail program, you can get it
off your Linux distribution discs and just install it. There is a man
page that will assist you in the configuration. If you want me to help
you with it, I will. 


Doug Smith: The Righteousness of GOD,
Son of GOD,
Joint Heir with CHRIST 
and Keeper Of The Light.

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