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Re: need email program for emacspeak

Close this thread here.
And dont in general reply to lusers who show up here
about having to do things themselves on Linux --no time for
>>>>> "Jason" == Jason White <jasonw@ariel.ucs.unimelb.edu.au> writes:

    Jason> This isn't really an Emacspeak question, but I
    Jason> will answer it anyway, running the risk of
    Jason> offending those readers who consider it
    Jason> off-topic:

    Jason> The best solution is to use Fetchmail to retrieve
    Jason> your mail, then the Emacs vm mail reader to read
    Jason> and reply to it. Vm works very well indeed with
    Jason> Emacspeak, supports MIME and other relevant
    Jason> standards and is very convenient to use, in my
    Jason> opinion.

    Jason> Fetchmail should have come with your Linux
    Jason> distribution. The manual page describes the
    Jason> format of its configuration file. Fetchmail
    Jason> operates in the background and periodically
    Jason> retrieves mail from the servers specified in the
    Jason> configuration file. This mail can then be
    Jason> delivered to your primary in-box, or filtered
    Jason> with Procmail into multiple incoming folders
    Jason> according to rules that you supply. The Procmail
    Jason> set-up is most convenient and I use it to filter
    Jason> my mail aggressively. Spam prevention software is
    Jason> also available and works quite well, but
    Jason> discussion of this would take us too far afield
    Jason> at present.

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