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Minor warning - emacspeak 17

I just found a possible very minor error in emacspeak 17. Actually,
its really just a warning and does not seem to cause any problems. I'm
reporting it so that it goes into the archives and to let Raman know
in case he feels it warrants attention.

When you run eshell, a compile-log window pops up with the message 

  ** reference to free variable eshell-ls-special-personality

While this causes no problems apart from splitting the eshell window
in two, I just thought I'd mention it. Looking through the sources, I
cannot find a defvar statement for this variable, only a defcustom. I
have never looked at the custom stuff, but guess the error is due to
the missing defvar for the variable? 

apart from that, emacspeak 17 seems to be yet another fine
release. Thanks Raman. 

Tim Cross					E-Mail: tcross@pobox.une.edu.au
Analyst/Programmer                               Phone: 6773 3210
Applications Group			        Mobile: 0412 969193
University of New England
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