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Re: Reading daisy books.

Thomas Ward writes:
 > Hi, how am I to know one daisy book from another? If one is in daisy 2 or 
 > daisy 3?

I suggest examining the software and specifications at
where you will find copies of the Daisy 2.0 and 3.0 specifications as
well as an open-source project to create a Daisy reader, which
currently won't run under Linux, but I am sure the developers would
appreciate contributions from you or anybody else on this list toward
making the reader application operative in the Linux environment. It
is written mostly in Java.

To answer your question more directly, a Daisy 3.0 book should have a
DOCTYPE declaration near the beginning of the main XML file that
indicates the version of the DTD to which it conforms. For more
details I suggest reviewing the Daisy specifications available on the
Web site mentioned above.

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