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Need help learning View Mail


With help from folks on this list, I finally got emacspeak up and running 
on a used machine I built for my friend Adam.  He has worked his way 
through the tutorial and is now ready for the next step.

I'm want to next teach him how to use w3 for browsing and vm for email.  I 
have both installed on his machine and have been able to use them myself, 
somewhat successfully -- but only because I get to use my eyes to see where 
the cursor is.  I'm having trouble figuring out how to reliably change 
buffers in vm and navigate from the inbox summary to the body of a message 
and back again.  I've been completely lost on how to teach Adam how to do 

The documentation I have found on vm is sketchy at best.  Can someone out 
there on this list please refer me to a definitive guide on vm -- or at 
least something that devotes more than two pages to its use?

Is there anyone who uses vm who would be willing to share their phone 
number and to let me give you a call from Adam's one day for some coaching 
on how to use his email client.

As soon as Adam is up and reading his own email and browsing the web I'm 
sure there will be no stopping him.  But learning to get on line and to 
pull and read email has proven quite a stumbling block, mainly due to the 
lack of documentation.  My next tutoring session with him is tomorrow 
afternoon or evening.

Please help.

-- Hugh Esco 

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