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Need help learning View Mail


Probably the best place to start with respect to VM is to use the same
vm customization as Raman does. If your using emacspeak 17 or 16,
there is a customize setting which will set VM up in the same
way. Have a look at the emacspeak customization group (M-x
customize-group <RET> emacspeak <RET>). It will provide some solutions
to the things you mention. For example, I don't think Raman's settings
use the summary window - this eliminates your problem of working out
how to switch from the summary to the message etc. 

With respect to surfing the web - this is possibly emacs weakest
area. Lately, I've been using the w3m browser and the w3m.el package
which allows you to run it via emacs and there is an emacspeak-w3m.el
extension (you will alredy have that). The Emacs W3 project really
needs contributors to help get that project re-energized. Different
users get different milage out of emacs w3. I cannot use it at work at
all because it won't work properly with the proxy server we have
there. However, I did use it for a long time under emacs 20 and
earlier and found it great - unfortunatley, I don't think it has been
able to keep up with emacs (emacs changed a lot between 20 and 21). 

In addition to w3m as a browser, I think there is also an emacspeak
interface for the lynx browser, but I've never used it myself. 


>>>>> "Hugh" == Hugh Esco <hesco@greens.org> writes:

 Hugh> Hello: With help from folks on this list, I finally got
 Hugh> emacspeak up and running on a used machine I built for my
 Hugh> friend Adam.  He has worked his way through the tutorial and is
 Hugh> now ready for the next step.

 Hugh> I'm want to next teach him how to use w3 for browsing and vm
 Hugh> for email.  I have both installed on his machine and have been
 Hugh> able to use them myself, somewhat successfully -- but only
 Hugh> because I get to use my eyes to see where the cursor is.  I'm
 Hugh> having trouble figuring out how to reliably change buffers in
 Hugh> vm and navigate from the inbox summary to the body of a message
 Hugh> and back again.  I've been completely lost on how to teach Adam
 Hugh> how to do this.

 Hugh> The documentation I have found on vm is sketchy at best.  Can
 Hugh> someone out there on this list please refer me to a definitive
 Hugh> guide on vm -- or at least something that devotes more than two
 Hugh> pages to its use?

 Hugh> Is there anyone who uses vm who would be willing to share their
 Hugh> phone number and to let me give you a call from Adam's one day
 Hugh> for some coaching on how to use his email client.

 Hugh> As soon as Adam is up and reading his own email and browsing
 Hugh> the web I'm sure there will be no stopping him.  But learning
 Hugh> to get on line and to pull and read email has proven quite a
 Hugh> stumbling block, mainly due to the lack of documentation.  My
 Hugh> next tutoring session with him is tomorrow afternoon or
 Hugh> evening.

 Hugh> Please help.

 Hugh> -- Hugh Esco

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