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A question.

this sounds like you are getting ANSI escape sequences in your output
from ls. There are two things you can do

1. Turn of colour support for ls. This is usually turned on via an
alias in somewhere like /etc/bashrc or $HOME/.bashrc

2. Enable support for ANSI colour sequences within modes derived from
comint within emacs. Try an M-x customize-apropos <ret> ansi to find
which groups/options need to be modified.

>>>>> "Hugh" == Hugh Esco <hesco@greens.org> writes:

 Hugh> Adam is coming right along.  Coaching him by phone this
 Hugh> evening, he got on-line for the first time without my presence.

 Hugh> This evening's apt-get update / upgrade brought in updates to
 Hugh> over half of the packages on this Debian machine.  I then did
 Hugh> an: apt-get install w3-lisp-e21, apt-get install w3-doc-el and
 Hugh> apt-get install vm

 Hugh> which re-installed my entire emacs / emacspeak system with
 Hugh> browser and mail reader.  When I was through with that process,
 Hugh> the tutorials were suddenly a part of my Info tree, accessible
 Hugh> from C-h i.  That was a major breakthrough for me.

 Hugh> Still, I have another question tonight:

 Hugh> When I invoke a shell from emacs or emacspeak, using M-x shell,
 Hugh> my use of the ls command results in spurious extra characters
 Hugh> showing up in the listing which make it difficult to discern
 Hugh> what the contents of the directory listed out in the buffer is.
 Hugh> How do I configure my installation so that does not happen?

 Hugh> All help is appreciated.  Thanks.

 Hugh> -- Hugh

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