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Re: strange reaction with emacspeak18 and ffap

At Sat, 03 May 2003 19:54:37 -0700,
T V Raman wrote:
> the bug was being caused by ffap passing an overlay with nil values
> for start and end.

Thought so. I worked that much out, but not how to fix it.

> I've checked in a fix  --you should be able to do a cvs update and get
> the fix.
Cool. Thanks a lot.

> Personally I use ffap with the  ffap-require-prefix turned on --also 
> you should be able to hit enter on a url in the mail buffer to make it
> open it.

I'm not actually sure about that, but anyway, I'm not really using it
that way by default. I'm using wanderlust as a mail reader, and I wrote
something that mimics gnus's ffap functionality. I just hit m-m and it
brings up the menu of URL's in the message buffer, without me having to
manually switch to the buffer and run ffap menu.

Thanks again for your help.

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