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That program as normally compiled shows japanese weather in japanese.
Lots of dollar signs in display and not much more than that.  What I did
though for this installation was to edit line 50 of w3m-weather.el after
having found my local weather on yahoo.com and hard coded the link in on
that line to replace what was there.  Results, pretty good.  There's more
than one column of stuff displaying that's unrelated to the local weather
but that's yahoo.com for you.  The thing is though, things talk in english
once this is done though dollar signs still crop up.  There is a code
section on line 1 of w3m-weather.el that specifies iso2022-7bit and I'm
about to change that to iso1859-1 to see if the display improves.  Don't
know if that part of line one is actual working code or documentation.

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