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Re: process speaker not running

On Tue, 2003-08-19 at 06:12, Tim Cross wrote:

> The poorer quality of flite voices is due to it using 8k samples,
> rather than 16k which festival can use. If flite is modified to use
> 16k voices, its quality will be as good. I beleive I read somewhere
> that there were people working on this. 
That explains the difference in the quality then.

>  Alvin> Festival sounds better.  I can get output using the "SayText"
>  Alvin> command, but he sounds German :-).
> Thats od - I don't get a german sound to the voices at all. Which
> voices are you using for festival?
I am currently using whatever is the default voice.  It just seems to
drop the "g" in words ending in "ing".  It doesn't sound like german,
but it reminds me of the way a german friend used to speak english
(smile).  Which is probably not what is typically thought of as german
sounding.  I am in the process of reading through the massive piece of
work that is the festival documentation.

>  Alvin> I would like to use the festival synth instead of the flite
>  Alvin> synth.  Is there also a script for that?
> There are two interface versions to festival I know of. One uses a
> perl script and can be found at http://espeakf.sourceforge.net and the
> other works by modifying emacspeak itself, but I have not tried it
> yet. See http://www.pollock-nageoire.net/festival/ for details. 
I think I failed to install espeakf properly.  When I run the perl
script, emacspeak comes up quiet...  I need to troubleshoot.

> There is also a java based speech synthesizer called freeTTS, which
> does not really have an interface to emacspeak, but it probably
> wouldn't be difficult to implement. I have not tried this synthesizer
> either and have no idea about its quality. I think the project is also
> hosted by sourceforge. 
I will try that one too!

Alvin Smith <email@alvinsmith.com>

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