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Re: Playing auditory icons

Hi Cheryl,
Many thanks for helping with the auditory icons problem!

Cheryl Homiak writes:
 > Can you post the actual errors that showed on your screen when you started
 > up emacspeak with the init-debug switch?

Actually this problem has been solved. I had a line in my .emacs setting
the audio theme to
I found that it is anyway
the default presented by customize emacspeak. So I simply deleted the
statement and the error messages have disappeared.

>If you want to know what your icons
 > are, assuming they are working, try within emacspeak
 > m-x emacspeak-play-all-icons. It will play each icon and tell what it
 > means. (remember that m-x means alt-x).
This was helpful --- I couldn't hear anything but the announcements. So
I went to customize emacspeak opened the Value Menu of Emacspeak
Auditory Icon Function to "native" and now I've heard the rooster
crowing, bells rnging and all the rest! Some of them are uncomfortably
loud, though.

Thanks again.

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