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Re: Playing auditory icons

Hi Cheryl,
Thanks for the helpful response. I removed the -q from my emacspeak script
and certainlythe startup icon plays! I don't know what the other
auditory icons are supposed to do; so I have no idea if they are

The removal of the -q flag has not so far (1 hour, or so) caused any
discrnibble effects _except_ for a error message. I ran emacspeak from a
shell with:

$ emacspeak --debug-init

I am attaching the resulting backtrace hoping that someone will be able
to tell me what it means.

I too can't get C-e [f1] to work. I am asked to type in a file name and
whatever I type is rejected!

What is the difference between what this is supposed to perform and what
one achieves using  M-x customize-greoup emacspeak ?

Actually I am very happy with Emacspeak; since I am visually
"challenged" (legally blind) just the charater, word echo feature has
reduced my typing mistakes   very substantially and I am trying to cure
a very old habit of leaning forward to squint at the monitor screen.

I suppose as I learn over the coming months, I'll learn more and find my
productivity improve.

Thanks again and TIA to anyone who can shed light on the new questions I
have raised.


Cheryl Homiak writes:
 > I finally decided to try taking the -q flag  out of the "exec emacs" line
 > in /usr/bin/emacspeak, knowing I could put it back if this turned out to
 > be disastrous. I also grouped all my emacspeak configurations at the top
 > of my .emacs file under
 > (when (featurep 'emacspeak)

Could not process part with Content-Type: emacs; NAME=init-error.backtrace.

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