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Re: versions of emacs/w3

Hello, Tim and others.

>>>>> "TC" == Tim Cross <tcross@rapttech.com.au> writes:

TC> However, with the exception of some errors working with forms, w3m
TC> is far more reliable and much faster than w3 and most of the time,
TC> the errors with submitting forms can be ignored as it still seems
TC> to work fine. 

If you're using emacspeak 23, consider looking at the following


You may also consider reading a Changelog file in that same directory
to see what actually these patches contain. I only would like to
mention that w3m works much better after applying those patches. For
instance, many issues with working with forms are fixed. Also working
with tables is also very much improved. Debian users may consider
quite useful support for some debian specific tools also contained in
those patches.

Hope this helps.

With best regards, Sergei.

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