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Software Speech (Re: ibm tts run-time engine purchasing alternatives)

Phil's Free wrote:
My friend Paul has been without his emacspeak machine since _last_
>>spring because we blew a capacitor in the powersupply and fried his
>>hard drive, and I've been unable to duplicate the old machine under
>>modern Linux distros.  I tried every published trick to bootstrap the
>>old VV libs.  FLite kept crashing, Java synth jabbers jibberish. We
>>tried speakup, it drove him nuts.  We tried every existing free
>>softsynth, none worked. We bought the saccent, it sucked.  We're

Depending on his level of desperation, you might try DECtalk.  I've got 
version 4.6 and I'm satisfied with it. It could be better.

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