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Re: Software Speech (Re: ibm tts run-time engine purchasing alternatives)

>>>>> "J" == John G Heim <jheim@wisc.edu> writes:

    J> Depending on his level of desperation, you might try DECtalk.
    J> I've got version 4.6 and I'm satisfied with it. It could be
    J> better.

Thanks for the tip, but it's also a matter of cost.  While we're
pretty much resigned to no _free_ soft-synths, DECtalk units are twice
the price of the computer, way out of our price range, and while the
Soft-talk ($40?) is very inviting, there's no way to tell in advance
if it's going to have all the same problems as the free packages.

Like I said, ViaVoice is the devil we know :)

... unless someone knows where we can get a second-hand DECTalk card
for about the same money ...

Gary Lawrence Murphy <garym at linux.ca>
"what I need is a job that doesn't interfere with my work"

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