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Re: running Emacspeak speech servers without a tcl interpreter

load libtclx.so works. 

The problem however is that now you have a maintainance nightmare
with what the first line of the script should be.

Long time ago this was easier because emacspeak used two separate
settings dtk-tcl and dtk-program (for this very reason) -- but
since every thing was using tcl I made things simpler about 3
years ago.


>>>>> "James" == James R Van Zandt <jrvz@comcast.net> writes:
    James> Here, a server starting
    James> #!/usr/bin/tclsh package require tclx
    James> fails with the message "can't find package tclx"
    James> The Debian maintainer suggested "package require Tclx"
    James> (with upper case T), but that segfaults here.
    James> Does either of these work for you?
    James>          - Jim Van Zandt
    >> Date: Thu, 23 Feb 2006 18:30:19 -0800 Cc:
    >> raman@users.sf.net, emacspeak@cs.vassar.edu Reply-To:
    >> raman@users.sf.net From: "T. V. Raman"
    >> <raman@users.sf.net>
    >> Well, you should be able to run the server by adding the
    >> line package require tclx
    >> once we can confirm this works, it is easy enough to add
    >> an if statement to the tcl files that checks for tcl
    >> version and pulls in the shared library.
    James> ...
    >> -- 
    >> Best Regards, --raman

Best Regards,

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