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Re: Changing speech synthesizers on the fly

Hi Kalyan

When called interactively, the function dtk-select-server only allows
you to choose servers that are listed int the ".servers" file in the
emacspeak/servers directory. Just add eflite_alsa to your .servers
file or if you want to choose a program not listed there as speech
server, you will have to execute something like the following:

(dtk-select-server "name-of your server")

You will then have to do "C-e C-s" to actually invoke the new speech
server. This can leave you without speech when the program you
specify does not exist or fails to work properly. You will then have
to start a using speech server "blindly".

Hope this helps, Lukas

Kalyan Mukherjea writes ("Re: rfc on voices tutorial [long]"):
> I am still, starting emacspeak running with Lucas's alsa-enabled
> eflite-binary. Then I do C-e dd outloud <RET>
> to start ViaVoice. How does one go backwards?

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