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Re: Changing speech synthesizers on the fly

Hi Lucas, Hi Robert,

Lucas: I tried doing what you suggested; that is take the eflite_alsa
binary and copied it to /usr/share/emacs/site-lisp/emacspeak/servers/

I normally start with a script in the /usr/local/bin called emacspeak,
 DTK_PROGRAM=full path to the eflite_alsa binary of yours.

When I do C-e dd outloud <RET>
Emacspeak says "outloud"  in the flite voice then the reedy voiced
"ViaVoice" .

If after this, I again do C-e d d eflite_alsa <RET>
I hear a beep from the PC speaker. 
C-ea to hear the last announcement gives a sound like water flowing
rapidly down a sink! and point remains in the minibuffer. C-g does not
remove it. C-x C-c sometimes works to quit emacspeak. 

Robert, before trying to get back to eflite_alsa, I opened your letter
in the VM inbox. It read the message in a reedy voice, which seems to
have a head cold: "mean" almost sounds like "bean".

I think Robert J. Chassels' info article "Introducing Emacspeak" is in
the archives. I will separately send you the section of his .emacs
which specifically deals with emacspeak.


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