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Re: Emacspeak+freetts

I am trying to enable some kind of voice-lock support for the Emacspeakserver for Freetts.I have managed to support avarage pitch and pitch range changes at the speech server.I had some queries.

1) how does the pitch range value pr:(something) correspond to a range.

2)The second problem is the dtk-speak module of Emacspeak has a function Dtk-initialize()
which tries to execute the speech server located in the servers directory of Emacspeak using the start-program method.I have modified a few files , so that the user can select freetts from within emacspeak.The problem is that when the Dtk-initialize() is called it executes a file with the name freetts in the servers directory.Basically , i run the speech server manually from the command line  , so ideally this step should not be done.But i'm trying to keep the modification to emacspeak as less as possible.So i din't want to change the Dtk-initialize() code.I created a clone of the dtk-exp speech server program in TCL  and renamed it to Freetts just as a temporary measure.It works perfectly fine when i'm root but as a normal user i get the Process speaker not found message.
                                    I'm sure there is a better way to solve this problem.

I'd love to have your suggestions.Thank you

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