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EMACS_UNIBYTE and installing auctex

Same here. I did use the software dectalk for a fair while, but it
always had stability problems (regardless of whether you use OSS or
Alsa OSS compatibility). 

I did manage to improve stability considerably by removing some of the
dectalk "in-line" commands. At one stage, I used a very vanilla
version which did not use any of the in-line commands added in the tcl
script and found it was very very stable. I've also created a very
simple generic wrapper for speech-dispatcher (I bleieve it now comes
with one anyway) and the software dectalk was very stable. 

Bottom line is that I think its the in-line commands which make the
software dectalk unstable. If I use it without frequent changes in
speaker or with any of the dectlak in-line commands for handling
punctuation etc, its very stable. Problem is, I really like voice
locking support and now, having sorted out the ViaVoice issues, I have
such a rock solid TTS engine now I cannot see me switching back to the
software dectalk. 

I have found the software dectalk 'say' command very useful for adding
voice feedback in scripts. I've even modified Raman's sawfish support
to use the say command rather than a standard emacspeak speech server
and it works very nicely - sawfish now tells me when I move focus out
of a window, change workspaces or when an application pops up a
window. Eventually, I'd like to further modify this stuff so that it
works with speech dispatcher, which I think provides a good generic
TTS interface and is useful for "voicifying" scripts. I've managed to
extend a common lisp interface to speech dispatcher so that it
supports more common list implementations than it previously did. This
has worked so well, I'm now experimenting with adding similar
functionality from other scripting languages as its very handy to have
scripts that can speak without having to run them inside emacspeak or
some screen reader like yasr. 


T. V. Raman writes:
 > By TTS crashes, I assume you mean software Dectalk.
 > Note that I haven't run software Dectalk in a couple of years --
 > primarily because the amount of time it took to support it wasn't
 > warranted by the small number of users who actually  used it.
 > The engines I use on a regular basis are the Dectalk Express and
 > the IBM Viavoice engine.
 > >>>>> "Peter" == Peter Rayner <peter.rayner@cea.fr> writes:
 >     Peter> Tim Cross writes:
 >     >> 
 >     >> Be aware that removing emacs_unibyte may have
 >     >> unpredictable results for many TTS systems.
 >     Peter> I did not make myself clear here.  My suggested
 >     Peter> procedure was start emacspeak as normal, including the
 >     Peter> setting of EMACS_UNIBYTE start your favourite shell in
 >     Peter> a shell buffer remove EMACS_UNIBYTE from the
 >     Peter> environment in that shell buffer with a
 >     >> recipe depending on your shell
 >     Peter> Then make auctex the make procedure includes lots of
 >     Peter> batch invocations of emacs either to byte compile or
 >     Peter> the generate the auto-loads.  This procedure ensures
 >     Peter> they'll be compiled multibyte if needed.  This won't
 >     Peter> affect the tts since it sees the environment with
 >     Peter> which emacs was started
 >     >> On a second point - do you actually need to load the
 >     >> autoloads for jjp - I suspect that as it requires
 >     >> multi-byte and given the initials being used, this is
 >     >> possibly a module to support Japanese character
 >     >> sets. Maybe you don't need that module if you don't use
 >     >> Japanese?
 >     Peter> Almost certainly not but it's in the
 >     Peter> update/make/install cycle for auctex and if you're a
 >     Peter> cvs addict you may well find yourself
 >     >> continually having to remove it.
 >     Peter> 
 >     Peter> Speaking of cvs addiction, I heartily recommend
 >     Peter> upgrading to the cvs snapshot of emacs.  I was having
 >     Peter> tremendous stability problems with emacs-21.3 and
 >     Peter> DecTalk, involving emacs freezing etc.  The TTS
 >     Peter> crashes as often as it ever did with emacs-22.050 but
 >     Peter> it doesn't take emacs down with it any more cheers
 >     Peter> Peter
 >     Peter> 
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 >     Peter> 
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