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Re: just a newbi problem, want to use festival, not flite with emacspeak

On 20/09/06, Robert J. Chassell <bob@rattlesnake.com> wrote:
>     If you want to use festival, your best bet is currently to do it via
>     speech-dispatcher in my opinion.
why?  will I not get speech output with emacspeak, espeakf and
festival combination?
> According to my notes, Festival works with `espeakf' and Festival
> Light, `flite', works with the `eflite' driver,
but I only want festival not festival lite.
actually I don't even know if there are good voices for festival or if
viavoice can be made to work on newer distros like ubuntu 6.06.

> When I run Emacspeak with `espeakf', a Festival process runs.
exactly that's why I am confused.  if it rungs and gives the voice
output what is wrong with that?  why should I try speech-dispatcher?
> When I run Emacspeak with `eflite', I do not see a `flite' process,
> just several `eflite' processes (and no Festival process).
> The description of how to get them running that is in the Info file
>   (introducing-emacspeak.info)Installation
> seems to work fine.
if there are other things I must look for, please let me know.
and I have grabbed a few .deb packages from the ubuntu packages web site.
so going to try them,
else I will have to compile them myself.

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