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On 07/10/06, Kalyan Mukherjea <kalyan.infinity@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Krishna,
hi, I expected you will reply.
> Here are answers to some of your questions; most of them are already
> answered in the info document and the overview one gets by typing C-h
> C-e in an Emacspeak buffer.
> I use Emacspeak (under X and a gnome Window manager) for everything I
> do on the computer.
wow, sounds good.
> For emails I fetch the letters from pop.gmail.com using POP3 via VM
> and send my letters by SMTP: this part is tricky: i could not succeed
> in configuring  sendmail   to meet google's TLS and other
> requirements. I use msmtp a very small but easy-to -configure utility
> (there is a Debian package, so you can fetch it using aptget.)
what I want to know is that do all these applications work well with
emacspeak?  and what was the problem fetching emails from gmail?
afterall I wont need to visit gmail if I can fetch the emails
> I don'T think any of the web browsers which can work through Emacs are
> java enabled and so you won't be able to open the gmail web page to
> send/receive mails.

well, as I said above, if I can configure pop3 or similar thing to
fetch the emails directly from inbox of gmail, I wont need to visit
the web page of gmail right?  may be you must have faced different
> I use w3m and searching/googling is very easy. In any w3m buffer if
> you type `S' you are prompted for the search term. What you type in is
> sent to google when you pressRET.
oh that's great.  can you also please tell me can I as well do the
next step?  for example I searched some thing on google, after that
when I want to visit one of the links fetched by google search, will
that web site be accessible with w3m?
if for example there are no flash/ animations on the page, can I
navigate the web pages comfortably?  and have you been able to get the
font attributes and alignment spoken through emacspeak?
And I will also be happpy to know how will I solve my persisting
problem of command completion?  I can read the command possibilities
when there are more than 1 possible completion.  but when the command
is actually completed, I get no output unless I do ctrl + e and then l
for the line.
please provide me your feedback on the above points.

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