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"krishnakant Mane" <krmane@gmail.com> writes:

> exactly, this is what I find missing.  I have to every time do c-e w
> for reading the last (completed ) word.  it is a bit odd to do it
> every time,  I don't get the completed command (the remaining part as
> in "out " from the above mentioned command).  so I doubt some thing is
> mis configured in my case?

I think this is likely something on your end... possibly the tts you are
using.  What are you using as your tts?  Someone else that uses that
particular engine might have some idea of what is going on here.

> I don't have w3 installed on my desktop, may be I will try it tonight.

I could never get it installed completely.  It works for rendering
pages, almost all of the time, but there were issues with history, I
believe, although it has been several months.  I only use it now if
there is a page that has formatting which I have to see, so to speak.
For my day-to-day use w3m fits the bill.

> wow, sounds interesting.  if I can surff the web, create my regular
> documents and read/ reply emails from yahoo or gmail, nothing like it,
> I am ready to climb up the learning curve if it can do all this.  I
> hope I am not expecting too much out of emacspeak when it comes to
> reading and replying emails.  again, I use mainly gmail and yahoomail
> for my daily emails.
> just wondering if I setup pop3 and get vm to work with emacspeak, even
> gmail wont be a problem.  is that right?

This is correct.  Dr. Raman uses vm, as do several others on the list,
and it is probably much better supported than gnus, which I use.  

> in the emacspeak manual, w3 is by default explained for web browsing,
> wonder why?

It has been around the longest and has the best support.  I have tried
to use it, but there were a few issues that were in the way.  Because of
its ability to render more text attributes, I love it.  Its main
downside, as far as I am concerned is its speed.  Even if I got
everything to work as it should, this is the one reason that I would
probably not use it for everything.

Robert D. Crawford                                      rdc1x@comcast.net

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